Progenex Recovery
 After a hard intense workout, your body is in need of serious repair. The glycogen stores in your body are usually depleted and you usually will feel sluggish or exhausted after the strenuous exercise. What you need is something to refuel and replenish those empty glycogen stores and prepare your body to recover and build new muscle. This Progenex recovery review will tell you all about this wonderful product and how it can help you in your muscle building journey. When it comes to body building you will need to workout intensely, eat right, get plenty of sleep and take supplements such as Progenex to help you recover.

Post Workout Supplements

So what exactly is a post workout supplement? In simple terms a post workout supplement is a powder or pill taken, to help recover from any strenuous workout.

These post workout supplements can help aid you in your recovery by supplying your muscles with fuel (carbohydrates) and muscle building materials (found in proteins).  Unfortunately, some post work out supplements do not help you recover as quickly as possible, nor do they supply your body with necessary components. Luckily, with Progenex your body will receive all the necessary macronutrients to help it recover quickly.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

With Progenex’s special blend of fast digesting carbohydrates and complete proteins, your body will begin to recover within hours and not days. This offers two benefits; first you will not have to suffer from D.O.M.S (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as long. The average duration of D.O.M.S is about two to three days and if you exercise a big muscle group (like the quads or hamstrings) then it may last longer. With Progenex you are getting a generous amount of protein in your body which will cut down the duration of D.O.M.S. Secondly, because you are cutting down the time of your recovery, you will actually be able to return to the gym sooner to begin the process anew. With this type of training supplement by your side you are guaranteed to reach body building goals a lot faster.

Best time to take supplements

 So how should you take Progenex? Simply, take this whey protein supplement within thirty minutes of leaving the gym. This window of opportunity allows your muscle to absorb all the protein it can from the supplement which will not only allow you to recover faster, but stronger as well. All that you will need is twelve ounces of water and two scoops of Progenex whey protein. Mix the Progenex in with the water and enjoy.

With Progenex recovery protein you are guaranteed to get the best post work out supplement on the market. This supplement comes in a variety of flavors from:
  • Loco Mocha
  • Topical Vanilla
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Strawberry Crème

With thirty servings in each package of Progenex you will have an entire month supply of this great post work out supplement. So if you are in need of a great tasting post workout supplement that can help you recover faster and stronger, than you need Progenex!

Progenex Recovery is the protein powder of choice for the Crossfit Games. The Crossfit Games is an invitation only event where the most elite athletes in the world compete against each other. Considering these athletes go through some of the most grueling workouts and competitions, you would expect that they know a thing or two about the best protein powder that helps them to recover after a workout. In fact 9 of the top 11 athletes in last year's Crossfit Games used Progenex Recovery protein powder.

Progenex Recovery Protein Powder makes some bold claims that it is able to speed up recovery to a matter of hours compared to days with other protein powders. This is quite a bold claim coming from the company. Is this claim valid? Well let's take a look at the Crossfit Games. If you are not familiar with the Crossfit Games, it is the largest athletic competition in the world. Each year athletes compete in a three phase competition worldwide. Only the fittest athletes in these competitions are invited to California to compete in the annual Crossfit Games. Last year 9 of the 11 top finishers in the Crossfit Games used Progenex Protein Powder.

Progenex Review

In my Progenex review I learned that exercise is catabolic. This means that exercise damages your muscle. If exercise damages your muscle then why exercise at all? The reason you exercise is because with rest, recuperation and nutrition you are able to increase the size of your muscle or your endurance. Exercise will break your muscle down and nutrition will rebuild it. My Progenex review showed that the benefits of Progenex protein powder helped to greatly increase the recovery rate of your muscles. Traditional protein powder takes about three days for your muscles to recover from a workout. In my Progenex review I learned that Progenex promotes recovery in hours instead of days. They accomplish this via a concentrated bioactive protein sequence (the highest quality whey protein isolate available) which resets the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level. This greatly increases the recovery time.

Best Flavors for Progenex

If you have ever tasted a protein drink you know that it is not the best tasting drink in the world. As part of my Progenex review I tasted several different flavors of Progenex Recovery. Progenex Recovery is available in four different flavors. They are Belgian Chocolate, Tropical Vanilla, Strawberry Creme and Loco Mocha. Of these four flavors Belgian Chocolate is the biggest seller. Unfortunately Progenex More Muscle is only available in Belgian Chocolate.

Progenex Recovery Protein Powder should be consumed immediately after a workout. For most athletes this might mean several days a week or every day a week. For elite athletes this can be multiple times a day. If you are going to consume protein powder on a regular basis you want to make sure that it comes in a wide variety of flavors so that you can break up your mix. The good news is that Progenex Recovery protein powder comes in 4 mouth watering flavors.

Progenex and Women

Progenex Recovery protein powder is the best thing for women. Women can use Progenex Recovery to help them achieve their fitness levels. In fact it will help you to exceed those goals because you are able to recover faster. Progenex Recovery is not your father’s protein powder. Progenex Recovery is for women. If you want to improve our level of fitness use my Progenex discount code to get 10% off your next Progenex order. When you visit Progenex website to order just enter the Progenex coupon code of BEST to get 10% your next order.