If you want to know who is the fittest athlete in the world then you just need to attend the Crossfit Games. The best athletes in the world will compete against each other once year in a series of grueling athletic endeavors. The Crossfit Games were devised to test an athletes level of fitness which has never been tested by any other form of athletic competition. It is easy to create a workout routine that allows you to get very get at the repetitive nature of the workout. But what happens when you are asked to do something that you have not been trained to do? That is what the Crossfit Games is like. The competitors will be told what is the workout just a few hours before they are scheduled to compete. There is no time to train for the workout so you performance is determined by your level of fitness.

Recover Faster After Your Workout

Anyone that has ever completed a Crossfit workout, knows that your body can take some punishment. Your muscles break down during workout. Progenex Recovery protein powder has been specially designed to help you body recovery after a workout. Progenex Recovery was formulated to help your body recover in a matter of hours instead of days with other protein powders.

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Best Flavors for Progenex

For the longest time you could only purchase Progenex Recovery protein powder in one of two flavors. Your choices where either Tropical Vanilla or Belgian Chocolate. This was fine if you preferred your world to be either Vanilla or Chocolate. Sometimes we wanted some variety in our protein powder shakes but we were limited to just these two flavors. Recently Progenex just release two brand new flavors of Progenex Recover protein powder. Yeah! The two new flavor are Strawberry Creme and Loco Mocha.

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Fittest Athlete in the World

Rich Fronning was awarded the title of the Fittest Athlete in the World in 2011 for winning the Crossfit Games. Which protein powder do you think the World's Fittest Athlete uses to help fuel his endurance? The answer is Progenex Recovery. In fact Progenex Recovery is the best protein powder that you can purchase today. Progenex protein powder was selected as the official protein powder of the Crossfit Games which is the largest competitive sporting event in the world.

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